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Ultimate Mixing Bowl Splash Guard

Ultimate Mixing Bowl Splash Guard

SKU: 11153129

The Splash Guard is the must have accessory for the Ultimate Mixing Bowls. It has smart rims underneath to fit on 2L and 3.5L bowls. 

Drain all your favorite grains, the draining slots are specially designed to safely drain rice, quinoa, couscous and much more, don’t use and dirty extra tools. Just place your fingers on the indicator and drain safely.

Remove the inner cover and use the open space for mixing preparations with an electric hand mixer or hand blender while keeping your countertop spotless!

The Splash Guard opening is designed to fit the Cooks Maid accessories. Use the Splash guard with the egg yolk separator to have the perfect egg whites, then beat them till fluffy, add some citrus zest with the grater or even some juice with the juice insert, possibilities are endless.

The Splash Guard can also be combined with the EZ Shakers to create a Bain Marie for melting Butter or Chocolate.




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