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EZ Mix N Store 1.25L

EZ Mix N Store 1.25L

SKU: 11155389

Our specially-designed measuring pitcher with lid adjusts to pour a little or a lot and helps prevent splatters and spills while pouring.

A removable anti-skid ring stabilizes the measuring pitcher during use, while an extra sturdy handle provides easy pouring.

The EZ Mix N Store 1.25L is perfect for measuring both dry and wet ingredients. Customary and Metric measurements are molded into the measuring pitcher, so they won't wash away over time.

Mix egg whites, create a cake batter, beat cream or make mayonnaise. It's the ideal mess-free kitchen essential.

Electric beaters can be placed through the hole for easy and clean mixing.

The inside bottom of the base is etched, minimizing the visual result of potential scratches, even when used with an electric mixer or hand blender.

Own the collection! The EZ Shakers and Cook's Maid (sold separately) fit in the cover space of the splashguard, making it a must-have prep system for every kitchen.


Reach for our most-trusted measuring pitcher for mess-free pouring, measuring, mixing, draining and storing! Pair with the EZ Shakers or Cook's Maid accessories for more versatility!

The cover has 3 positions: Closed position for safe storage, open position for pouring your preparations and drain position for draining or straining your contents!

Mess-free splash guard: Ring shaped cover to avoid splatters while mixing.

Measure at a glance: Easily measure liquids in milliliters or ounces, as well as dry ingredients like sugar and flour, for your preparations thanks to the measurements on the base.

Prep master: Pair with the EZ Shakers and Cooks Maid for a must-have prep system!

Drip-free pouring: Easily pour your creations right from the Pitcher into the pan without mess! 

Anti-skid bottom keeps pitcher safe and stable while mixing. 


  • Material
    Full Product: PP, SEBS
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Full Product: W 14.3 x H 14.7 x L 20.4 Ø 14.3 cm / W 5.6 x H 5.8 x L 8 Ø 5.7 inch
  • Metric / US Capacity Volume
    Full Product: 1.25L / 5¼ cups


Combined with the Cooks Maid Set (sold separately), grate ingredients, press citrus fruits or separate eggs directly in the EZ Mix N Store.

Combined with EZ Shaker 350ml or 600ml (sold separately), create a bain-marie to keep cold or warm in a water bath, and even melt chocolate or butter.​

The BTB Sifter (sold separately) also fits on the EZ Mix N Stor 1.25L splash guard, to sift icing sugar, flour, cornstarch, directly in the Pitcher when preparing cakes, pastries, pancake dough, waffle dough...

The anti-skid ring is suitable for the dishwasher only when in place with the base. This will prevent deformation of the anti-skid ring during dishwashing.

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