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Cool Stackables Set W. Max Condens Control Cover

Cool Stackables Set W. Max Condens Control Cover

SKU: 11166234

Together but separate! All your favorite ingredients for breakfast, cold meals or dinners are kept together and you can grab them out of the fridge in an instant. They are also nicely stored in separate trays to prevent flavors from mixing.

To protect and to serve: Fridge Stackables are a set of compact, modular and stackable containers, creating an everyday all-in-one system for preserving and serving your cold cuts, cheese and much more.

The sheer trays stack together according to your needs. And the best part: the trays snap on top of each other, with the base of one sealing the one below: you need only one cover to seal the stack.

Contents are easy to identify thanks to the see-through material.

The generous handles on each tray allow you to grab and disassemble them without any effort. Each level is easily accessible.

The grid fits in the high base, as well as in the low base to raise the food and reduce moisture.

Store and separately serve many delicious options:

  • Cold cuts: ham, salami, mortadella,
  • Sliced cheeses or whole cheese
  • Delicatessen: sausages, pastrami, sliced cold roast (beef, pork), pâté,
  • Gourmet fish: smoked salmon, haddock, herring, mackerel
  • Leftovers


Our stackable refrigerator storage containers with airtight lid let you conveniently store cold cuts, delicatessen and toppings for an at-home or on-the-go sandwich station. The spill-proof lid lets you transport, and the grid helps keep sandwich toppings away from moisture. 

Max CondensControl Lid provides better breathability to keep cheese fresher longer.

Keeps food fresh longer, thanks to the tight lid and anti moisture grid at the bottom.

Easy serving, bring everything to the table together. 

Easy access to contents - the seal is easy to open and the large tray handles make disassembly and separation easy.

3 in 1 stacking, combine different foods in each tray however you like.

Identify contents at a glance – Easily see what's inside the containers thanks to the see-through material.

Generous handles make it possible to pull the full set of trays out of the fridge with one hand by grabbing the rim of the lowest tray.




A tray combined with the grid can be used to safely defrost food in the fridge, with no mess. The grid will prevent the food from coming into contact with liquid resulting from the thawing process.

Hand wash the Max CondensControl Grid to prevent any damage to the foil.  All other components are dishwasher safe. 

Storing in the refrigerator between 4°C/40°F and 6°C/42°F is recommended, in the middle of the fridge but not in the coldest part and not directly next to the cooling element, to avoid condensation inside the containers.

Store the empty containers loose and unsealed when not in use.

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